Ladies Tug O War

Help needed to say goodbye to the old Portacabin

With the new facilities nearing completion it’s time to say goodbye to the old portacabin. Many thanks to Mike Ward who managed to get this for the NSA free of charge and

Go Ride Cycle Event Success

The 2nd Annnual go-ride event at Nomansland Rec was a great success. Over 100 people came along so there were plenty of categories and races held throughout the day, apart from a

Nomansland Recreation Ground Access Track Parking

Many thanks to everyone in the community for their continued patience while this building project is completed as we all eagerly await the official opening on Saturday 11th June 2016. Keep informed

Clubhouse Building Progress – Timelapse video

The Contractor has been making rapid progress fitting out the new clubhouse. All the internal walls are now up and the electric, plumbing and ventilation systems are all installed. The new clubhouse

Nomansland Cycle Event Saturday 7 May – Volunteers needed

Nomansland Sports Field will be hosting a 2nd Go-Ride event on Saturday 7th May 2016 10.00 – 14.00. This event will again be run by British Cycling and provides a fun and safe

No Access to Tennis Courts this weekend

The Contractor will be casting the concrete entrance slab to the tennis courts this weekend so it will not be possible to use the courts from Saturday morning until Monday. Apologies for

Appeal for information about missing scaffold

A few sections of aluminium tower scaffold went missing from the building site over the Easter weekend. Please get in touch if you can help us find them.

KEEP OFF THE GRASS at Nomansland Skate Park….

PLEASE! Grass has now been seeded and landscaping complete. If you can keep off the areas fenced off for a few weeks it will be well established by the summer.