Monthly Archives: September 2016

Meeting Minutes 26th Sept 2016

See attached minutes of meeting.

Nomansland Preschool Fashion Show

Please support this local event.

NSA meeting at the Clubhouse Sunday 25th 6pm

Please come along to our meeting on Sunday 25th September at 6pm at the Clubhouse. Everyone is welcome to come along and participate in the discussions and decisions. On the agenda: Nomansland

Please be careful on the Skatepark

We’ve heard that there have been a few accidents and broken bones on the skatepark since it opened, and we are aware that there have been a number of visitors from outside

Nomansland Recreation Ground welcomes new groups

The NSA are pleased to welcome Romsey Town Youth Football Club U15 Girls side to Nomansland Recreation Ground. The team will be using Nomansland as their home ground for this season. Have

Dealing with Antisocial Driving and Behaviour at Nomansland Recreation Ground

We have had reports of antisocial driving and behaviour at the recreation ground. Although this has only been reported a few times, we have taken action so that the family friendly and