Monthly Archives: September 2017

Bonfire Night Wood needed

If you have any timber or garden waste that will make a good addition to our Guy Fawkes Bonfire, please come and put it on our pile! Please make sure you take

Circuit Training at Nomansland Clubhouse Monday Evenings

  What Circuit Training One hour keep fit session going through a variety of routines that can be individually modified to suit everyone from the most intense high strength training regime to

New Autumn Tennis Coaching

Mini Tennis Green is a great way for players to continue their progress from Mini Tennis Orange. It is played on a full size tennis court, with 25”- full size rackets and

NSA Fayre, Survey Results, Fireworks, Accounts and other public meeting discussions

Many thanks to everyone who completed our survey and attended our general meeting on 5th September 2017. A great number of matters were discussed including some interesting feedback from our survey, current

Your Support is Needed for the Nomansland Recreation Ground

Landford Parish Council will shortly be preparing their budget for next year. If you are a supporter and / or user of the facilities at Nomansland Recreation Ground we need to ask

Netball team needed!

There has been some interest in setting up a Netball team in the local area, whether it is just for informal practice, ladies, mixed, or to join a league is up to

Do you check your email regularly?

We are looking for a volunteer to check our email regularly and take the bookings for the Nomansland Community Clubhouse. We already have someone to hand out the keys and look after

Nomansland Fayre Splottery 2017 Result

We are pleased to announce that this years splot landed on square number 00180. This is an unsold plot so the prize will be shared amongst the surrounding 8 squares, 7 of