A Message from the (temporary) NSA chair

A Message from the (temporary) NSA chair

The NSA was set up about 30 years ago to look after the playing field donated to the village. Previous committees have created the magnificent community asset we all now enjoy and now is the time for new volunteers to step up to maintain what we have.

The work is not onerous and could just be a couple of hours every three months or so, with a bit more involvement for The Treasurer who needs to spend an hour a month paying bills and a bit of time arranging floats and counting money at the Summer Fayre.

There is very little to do organising the Summer Fayre and Fireworks fund raising events as they are held jointly with the Scouts and PTA respectively who have everything sorted – even helpers seem to miraculously appear on the day!

There is a last chance to keep the NSA running by coming along to the Parish Council meeting on Monday 14 May and volunteering.

If no-one volunteers the NSA will be dissolved, the playing field will be passed back to the Parish Council and the assets will be distributed to new ‘guardians’


Please don’t be put off by the thought of what needs to be done – it isn’t much. Maybe we should also consider changing the name in line with our new Parish boundaries?


Thank you.


Peter Pring

Chairman NSA