AGM – Chairmans Report for 2012

Chairmans Report
Wednesday 24th October 2012

Thank you all for coming to this AGM – an important one for the ongoing success of the Nomansland
Sports Association.
The association continues to run the Nomansland sports field at the end of School Road,
Nomansland for the benefit of all, and specifically the New Forest School, with whom we have a
close relationship.

Summer Fayre 2012:
Another successful event, despite the slightly difficult weather. We were delighted to have the
support of the local community both in terms of sponsorship and attendants at the fayre itself.
Thank you in no order of priority given to Box-It, John William Roberts Limited, Buckleys Chartered
Accountants, Royal Jaipur, The Lamb Inn, RD Avery, The Landford Poacher, The Shoe Inn, Grayer &
Lovesey, Black Dog Design, Sonia Photography, West Gate Construction and Project Management,
Capitol Financial Solutions, Clayton Eggs.
The even continues to grow – would also like to thank the New Forest National Park Authority for
their continuing support for the use of the land.
The proceeds of the fayre are shared equally between the Nomansland Sports Association, and the
Fourth Romsey Scout Group.

General Matters:
Excellent progress at the fields themselves including the following:
– Re-painting of the changing rooms etc, with many volunteers, too many to thank.
– The playground has been revamped – now a lot safer and provides excellent facilities for
local community. On a variety of personal visits to the site have found
mothers/fathers/children using the facilities on a regular basis. Thank you to Gid Aymes
(Secretary) for providing much of the momentum for the project. Has included a separate
access to the fields.
– Changing products over the last year or two have considerably improved matters – up until
then the ground nearest to the club house was poor – even despite recent down falls the
ground now much firmer.
– Also picnic areas at the same time improved – brings me to the addition of the gas bbq at the
site. Happy for anyone in the local community to use this at any time.

Future Projects:
We have very much reached a cross roads with the Nomansland Sports Association – looking for
further volunteers to build on the following:
– Fund raising and plans for a new club house. Expected cost say £25,000, but with the right
support we do believe we can raise monies from the lottery etc.
– Fund raising and plans for a new skate park which can become a more permanent fixture –
we have in the past two or three years removed the previous wooden skate park facility
which was too dangerous to continue.
– See above regarding the tennis club/football/cricket club – with the momentum now being
thought within the sports association hopefully we can build on the success of these clubs.
– Nomansland Summer Fayre 2013 – to build on the excellent progress in the last three or four
years really comes back down to volunteers – the more volunteers the more money that will
be returned both to the Nomansland Sports Association and the Romsey Scouts.
As community support is essential to any future projects. In surveys undertaken so far through the
community/summer fayre we had 175 responses in 2011, 112 in 2012. Over these 287 responses
153 supported the club house, 138 a skate park.

Cricket Club:
Darren Grayer always continues to show excellent leadership unfortunately not backed by the
weather. Finishing 5th or 6th from the bottom the club managed to avoid relegation. However over
approximately 17 games only 9 games were completed due to the weather, of which 3 ended in
victory. I know Darren will also always ask for more volunteers/players.

A difficult season 2011/2012 ended in relegation. The side was not settled. However 2012/2013 a
very different story – I know Mike Ward our excellent manager, is looking for promotion back up.
Has been very active in the transfer market – congratulations.

Tennis Club:
Carina Weedon continues to provide excellent coaching for children/adults – accessible coaching
club continued over the summer.
Perhaps numbers down a little on the coaching, perhaps due to the economic climate. Now running
a coaching club on a Thursday afternoon – all children welcome.
Derek and Susan continue to run a successful tennis club – we, as the NSA, would like to emphasise
our absolute support for the ongoing success of the tennis club itself.

New Projects:
Ideas always welcome.

As chairman, for the past three years it has been a genuine honour to be part of both the
Nomansland Sports Association, and the Summer Fayre. I would personally like to thank both Mr Gid
Aymes, and Mr Peter Pring for their motivation etc. Without their involvement very little would have
been achieved. On the contrary there has been great progress made.
However it still seems so much more can be done – we now have a base to move forward but
projects such as a new club house rather than being seen as a pipe dream can now be seen a realistic
Other sports associations in the area have been successful in gaining funding, and there should be no
reason why we should not do so.
To move forward these projects we do need volunteers, not just a central committee. I do believe
the honourable Mr Pring and Mr Aymes are to continue, and I am more than willing to continue as

Thank you for past support.