AGM Minutes – 24th October 2012


Wednesday 24th October 2012

8pm at Royal Jaipur Restaurant

Southampton Road, Landford.


John Roberts – Chairman Jono Smales
Peter Pring – Treasurer Ben Aymes
Gideon Aymes – Secretary Sam Leader
Dave Williams Cindy Pritchard
Nigel Webster Karena Becker
Lee Eccles Mike Smales
Steve Lyons Bill Dunn
Mike Ward Darren Grayer
Malcolm Evans


Item Description Action
1. John Roberts welcomed everyone to the meeting and everyone briefly
introduced themselves in turn around the table.
2. Peter Pring presented the accounts for the Fayre and for the NSA Charity as
per the attached spreadsheets. The accounts were inspected in detail and
Bill requested copies of accounts in shorter form to be sent to Redlynch Parish
3. John Roberts presented a Chairmans report (attached).
Bill asked that a copy of the Chairmans report be provided to Redlynch Parish
4. Mike Ward described the fortunes of the Nomansland and Landford football
team. Currently competing in Salisbury and District League Division 1
(relegated last year from premier division). Sitting about mid table currently,
could not field a team last week for a cup match.
Pleased with number of local players in the current team and hoping for a
stable few years to come with the current players.
5.  Darren Grayer described the fortunes of Nomansland Cricket Club. A
disappointingly large number of games were postponed this year due to
weather. Players for Tuesday evening social team and Saturday league were
Saturday team Won 3 and Lost 6. Sitting lower mid table. Could do better.
Tuesday team Won 2 and Lost 1. Well done.
6.  It was noted that there is a competitive tennis team resident at Nomansland
but nobody was present to advise further on how the season went.
7.  Peter confirmed the nominal running cost of recreation ground is approx
£2,000 per year.
8.  Gid confirmed Redlynch Parish Council contributed £1,000 toward the play
equipment project last year, however, in 2011 £5,448 was provided to
Redlynch recreation ground for new play equipment rubber safety surfacing.
Similar equipment at Nomansland is surfaced with bark which has to be
regularly supplied and distributed by volunteers. Lobbying of Redlynch Parish
Council is required. John noted that no response has been received to his
recent letter requesting financial support.
9.  John Roberts confessed some enjoyment and satisfaction standing as
Chairman and said he was happy to stand again if nobody else wanted to
volunteer for the role. Nobody else volunteered. John was seconded by Peter
and unanimously elected to Chairman.
10.  Peter Pring and Gideon Aymes regretfully informed that they would not be
standing again for their current roles and provided a brief description of their
duties. Gid suggested that additional roles could be created to take advantage
of the assembled expertise and enthusiasm.
11.  Malcolm Evans volunteered to be Treasurer. Seconded by Peter Pring and
unanimously elected to Treasurer.
12.  Cindy Pritchard volunteered to be Secretary. Seconded by Gideon Aymes and
unanimously elected to Secretary.
13.  Sam Leader volunteered to be Tennis Membership Secretary, to try to
encourage wider use and administer the tennis court membership and
Seconded by Gideon Aymes and unanimously elected to Tennis Membership
14.  Steve Lyons volunteered to be Marketing and Communications Officer, to
prepare and distribute a newsletter as often as possible, add to the website,
email distributions, posters and leaflet drops.
Seconded by Gideon Aymes and unanimously elected to Marketing and
Communications Officer.
15.  Mike Ward volunteered to be Equipment and Facilities Officer, to continue his
excellent care of the pitches and also include monthly inspections of the play
equipment and attend to tennis court and changing room maintenance.
Seconded by Gideon Aymes and unanimously elected to Equipment and
Facilities Officer.
16.  Gideon Aymes volunteered to be Fund-raising Officer, to develop capital
projects and try and obtain support and funding for these projects.
Seconded by John Roberts and unanimously elected to Fund-raising Officer.
17.  Lee Eccles volunteered to be Building Projects Officer, to help in the planning,
approval and execution of building projects.
Seconded by Gideon Aymes and unanimously elected to Building Projects
18.  It was acknowledged that Tony and Pam Leader had volunteered to help as
Treasurer this year and their offer was appreciated. It was hoped that they
would be able to contribute by becoming involved in the roles Sam and Cindy
have been elected for.
19.  Future projects for the NSA were debated.Gid noted that of 287 responses to various surveys, 153 have been in favour
of a club house and 138 have been in favour of a skate park. A vote around
the table was taken and found 9 in favour of a clubhouse and 8 in favour of the
skate park.
Lee suggested that both projects could be developed and progressed
according to the fundraising achieved. This was unanimously agreed as the
way forward.
Lee / Gid
20.  The Nomansland Summer Fayre was discussed. It was noted that this years
fayre had been affected by the weather but was none the less a success.
Feedback and comments were read out. Gid noted that most of the positive
feedback had been the affordability of the activities and the traditional
approach. Negative feedback had been that the toilets were poor and the
pitches small (from stall holders). Gid suggested that the fayre had reached it’s
optimum size.
Opportunities to expand the Fayre takings were discussed. Additional
volunteers would make it possible to run our own barbeque. The possibility of
an evening event on the Sunday night was suggested but concern raised
about upsetting the neighbours.
21.  The Tennis courts were discussed. Gid explained the current arrangement was
that everyone wanting to use the courts have to be members but the
membership fee was a voluntary contribution.
Peter noted that income from membership had dropped from around £1,200 to
only £600 this year since this approach had been adopted.
Gid suggested that this was not a concern as current ongoing maintenance
costs were only around £500 per year. Replacement of the surfacing could be
funded from charity once it became necessary. The most important thing is to
make sure the courts are used.
Malcolm and Darren questioned the need for the courts to be locked at all. Bill
was concerned about vandalism. Peter was concerned that there would be no
The subject was put aside for further discussion at a later date.
22.  No other matters were bought up for discussion.
Peter and Gid confirmed they would be contacting the new committee
members to hand over duties and information over the next few weeks.
John thanked everyone for coming and bought the meeting to a close.