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New Committee Needed

Nomansland Sports Association Annual General Meeting 8pm Monday 5th March 2018 at the Nomansland Community Clubhouse. New Committee Needed The NSA is a registered charity that supports all local sports and runs

Simple NSA Budget

Here is a simplified version of our annual budget. Description  Income  Expenditure  clubhouse BUDGET Insurance  £        1,400  £      700 Electricity  £        1,600  £   1,600 Water  £           200  £      200 Bins  £           600

Nomansland Recreation Ground at risk of closure

Unless Landford Parish Council decide in their meeting next week to increase the precept budget and fund Nomansland recreation ground the NSA will not be able to keep the recreation ground open.

Netball Club has started

A group of 18 ladies in the local area have expressed an interest in netball so a group has been formed to get a netball club started. If you are interested please

Planned Improvements at Nomansland Recreation Ground

Thanks to Landford Parish Council’s recent commitment to financially support Nomansland Recreation Ground there is an opportunity to review the improvements and maintenance plans for the current and future years. Please come

NSA Fayre, Survey Results, Fireworks, Accounts and other public meeting discussions

Many thanks to everyone who completed our survey and attended our general meeting on 5th September 2017. A great number of matters were discussed including some interesting feedback from our survey, current

Your Support is Needed for the Nomansland Recreation Ground

Landford Parish Council will shortly be preparing their budget for next year. If you are a supporter and / or user of the facilities at Nomansland Recreation Ground we need to ask

Do you check your email regularly?

We are looking for a volunteer to check our email regularly and take the bookings for the Nomansland Community Clubhouse. We already have someone to hand out the keys and look after