Cider Making at Nomansland Recreation Ground

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Sunday 5th November from 10 am

Each year the NSA holds a number of fund raising events at which it can sell homemade cider to raise funds for the charity. 

The Cider is made using a mobile cider press built by the local wheelwright Oliver Powell over 100 years ago and used around the farms and small holdings in Landford and Nomansland at the time. The process is labour intensive and the results “variable”, however it is an enjoyable day of combined community effort. The cider is not ready until the following spring “when you hear the cuckoo calling” and is shared amongst the participants and sold at the annual Summer Fayre and later at the Fireworks display.

If you have any spare windfall apples, you can donate them to this valuable community enterprise. Please bring them to the recreation ground and leave them in the bags next to the cider press, or if you can put them at the top of your drive and email we will come and collect them.

Everyone is welcome to join in this community event, children and adults welcome. Bring some apples, some refreshments for the workers, or just your labour, and you can leave with a bottle of fresh juice and a share in the spoils next year!