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NSA Committee

The NSA committee always welcome new members – please contact the Secretary for details of the next meeting

General Contact for all issues:


Gideon Aymes : Chairman

Gideon Aymes


John Roberts : Treasurer (Incoming 2017)

John Roberts

Treasurer (Incoming 2017)

07771 452962
Malcolm Evans : Treasurer (Outgoing)

Malcolm Evans

Treasurer (Outgoing)

01794 390152 (H) or 07712493408 (M)
Cindy Pritchard : Secretary

Cindy Pritchard


01794 390604
Mike Ward : Football Representative

Mike Ward

Football Representative

01794 390554 (H) or 07554444387 (M)
Lucy Thompson : Bookings Administrator

Lucy Thompson

Bookings Administrator

Darren Grayer : New Forest School Representative

Darren Grayer

New Forest School Representative