Fayre and NSA Meeting Minutes 28th June 2012

Fayre and NSA Meeting Minutes 28th June 2012

John Roberts
Simon Ellis
Peter Pring
Gideon Aymes
Nicola Moxey
Louise Forgan
Bill Dunn
Darren Grayer
Ben Aymes

Nomansland Village Fayre
Monday 27th August 2012

Thank you to all for coming.
1) JR has spoken with Tom Creed – to again contact Tim Creed in 3 weeks. If nothing else to ‘keep
alongside’. Tim suggested, and backed by the meeting that JR should contact Jane Albury (?)
based at Queens House in Lyndhurst, to again keep everyone alongside.

2) We do have a permission letter – GA now holds, to be kept in case of need!

3) Car parking – to be raised with Jane Albury – see above. Suggested at meeting that photo could
be taken of the ‘destroyed bank’ because all now good! Will need to re-visit the car parking
question if we are unable to use the land across the road as per last year.

4) Pantomime cow – volunteers need to be in place. Nikki organised. We are to approach the
Romsey ‘players’ to see if we can obtain an outfit. As to the ‘proper’ cow all now sorted – we
merely need to catch. GA through contact with New Forest Fencing – will obtain the necessary

5) Advertising. Louise has kindly agreed to telephone relevant radio stations. Simon to sort
newspaper adverts. GA/JR to sort editorial.

6) Flyers etc. We have agreed on a 5 size programme with suitable amendments. Simon speaking
to last year’s printers and to provide response early next week. Thereafter JR to sort printing.
Brief notes regarding programme:
– GA could you again send email regarding the times for various events.
– Bands known as the band Sidewinder and Typhoon Alley. Also to advertise ‘open mic’.
– Apparently Bex and others are rather good and to be approached.
– The lucky programme in itself does not exist. However see on.
– ‘Bungee Rocket’ to be included.
– Dog Show – pedigree classes to be removed.
– Advertising section and acknowledgements to be removed – however I would like to include
the thanks to the local shops/pubs for promoting the fayre.

7) Additionally will have slip which can be inserted into the programme with all sponsors. Main
sponsor and possibly secondary sponsors namely Charles Powell (see below) Boxit, John William
Roberts Limited, Buckleys to be included on main programme, and on one side of sponsorship
slip. Second side of sponsorship slip will include all others. Landford Poacher £100/ Lamb Inn
£200 (to be confirmed) / Grayer and Lovesey £100. Others to be approached, Volvo Tech/Shoe
Inn/Lyburn Farmhouse/ Landford Trees/ New Forest Lavender/ Sonia.co/ Westgate.

8) We have also agreed a ‘flyer’ which will include the following:
– Donation of prize from Les Mirabelles – I have spoken with Claude and will come up with
something tonight ie Friday 29th June.
– Questions regarding the fayre – ie how did you find out about the fayre/what did you like
best/what did you not like least.
– Anything else? Again I would suggest we have the main sponsor mentioned somewhere and
secondary sponsors.

9) Clearly have deadline for programme – would like to see this completed by 6th July if possible, or
shortly thereafter, GA do not let me get away with this!

10) 1600 splottery tickets to hand. PP – sorting.

11) Arena events – all to be as before. To be far more organised with volunteers etc. JR to give
thoughts regarding the kids football – perhaps a penalty competition instead?

12) Layout – all sorted, thank you GA.

13) Local paper contact – see above.

14) Alcohol/food – no longer a problem. Any questions please come back.

15) Power cables/toilets/pa, not necessarily in that order. Simon trying to locate where pa is – from
notes we have previously perhaps Nick Dyer has. Andy King/Nick Dyer/John Loveday seem to be
the experts here.

16) Other Matters – If we can not get the local mayor to open the show – how about the main
sponsor – hopefully Charles Powell.

17) Volunteers – Everyone to ‘seek’, emails to be sent to Nikki to put together. Thank you Nikki.

18) Some mention of a ‘goat’ – apparently a machine. Jennie Maynard/John Blagdon – Nikki
approaching. Will help clear help by ‘sucking everything up’. Hope so.

I hope this is all helpful. Please read this email/GA’s together
Following the Fayre matters, NSA matters were briefly discussed as follows:

1. JR given a draft letter to Bill Dunn regarding support from Redlynch Parish Council. Waiting for
him to come back to me direct.

2. JR is now continuing the monthly inspection of the NSA grounds.

3. JR to speak to the local garden centre to see if they are prepared to do something with the
rockery near the car park. If not helpful will approach own landscapers, although they can be a
little ‘expensive’.

4. Moleman to be kept on a retained contract basis, £30 per month. Peter to action.

5. 2012 Dog Control Order introduced by Wiltshire Council. As the appropriate body in control of
the recreation ground it was agreed to grant permission to the general public to bring their dogsFayre and NSA Meeting Minutes 28th June 2012
onto the recreation ground provided they keep them under control and clear up any fouling of
the facilities. This has not been an issue in the past so the committee felt that it was appropriate
to allow the practice of having dogs on the recreation ground to continue. It is the
understanding of the NSA that having granted this permission, no fines can be enforced by the