Minutes from December 2012 Meeting

Here are the minutes form the last committee meeting

Committee Meeting

12th December 2012

Those present: John Roberts, Gideon Aymes, Peter Pring, Sam Leader, Tony Leader, Malcolm Evans, Lee Eccles, Darren Grayer, Mike Ward, Cindy Pritchard.


  1. Tennis: discussion regarding charging membership fees or donations. Malcolm spoke to some active members from the past – Suzanne Waller, Susan Williams and suggested a meeting with some of the tennis club members to discuss the situation with funding. Looking at membership fees – the ‘voluntary membership’ does not qualify for gift aid, no financial advantage over having membership.

Peter suggested there could be a lower amount as the subscription, with a voluntary contribution of, for example £20, which would then be eligible for gift aid. Donations not working as some people are using it for free. Income this year is half what is was previously as donations are not raising the same amount of money.

Sam had a couple of responses from his emails regarding membership/donation rates. Retargeting regarding membership is needed to promote this. Need a combination of membership and also promoting tennis to younger people who want to have a ‘knock about’.

Mike, Darren and Gid all felt that access to the courts should be free. Club membership was for additional services like the team and club activities, ie. The same as access to the football field is not restricted.

Access needs to be available for young. Could we have open use at certain times for youngsters? Or for all?  Important to involve Karina and other tennis users as this maintains interest and business at the tennis courts. Suggestions included –

Could have a guest fee for adults. Open sessions for juniors. Flyers out in spring time to all the locals. Important to re-engage with tennis members. Membership sign up session in March, BBQ etc.

Consensus: raise at the next meeting to agree action plan, following a meeting in the spring with Karina and Suzanna to discuss open sessions, promotion, membership fees etc. Meeting in January. (John and Sam).


  1. Web site: Steve has suggested upgrading the website. Committee discussed this and agreed this would be a good idea. Suggestion that Steve presents ideas/update at next committee meeting. Lee also mentioned website being developed to link New Forest businesses with community – flyer discussed. Steve has support regarding updating of website.


  1. Vintage car event – Lee supported this idea of an event in the Spring. This could also be used to promote the website as well as fundraising. Could also have a BBQ, beer tent etc. Lee will discuss with Steve when he is back from US. Would need separate permission for the event from the New Forest if held at the green. Lee and Steve to discuss to get going.



  1. Funding request – Redlynch Parish Council. Official response indicates that they have no money. Response: needs to cover points raised by Malcolm – Nomansland account for 20% of the parish precept and so there is a point to make regarding funding projects. Malcolm happy to draft a response letter and send to the committee to discuss.


  1. Treasurer business: Malcolm outlined changing the authorised signatories on the account. Proposing that authorised signatures will be Malcolm, John, Cindy and Peter. Seconded by Gideon, carried by committee members present. Close the tennis club account: Malcolm has done this and put money in NSA account (this funding ringfenced for tennis). There is funding available for a project, although a reserve of £2500 needs to be maintained to cover costs of maintenance etc.  Final fair profit discussed. Scouts paid part of their money and the rest to be paid up after outstanding donations are received.



  1. Future projects:

–       Skate park/BMX: young people at the bus stop are supporters of this. Discussed speaking to the planning authority and local police liaison. Discussed considering of all-weather pitch facility. Malcolm will ask the Parish council (in the same letter mentioned in item 4 above) whether we can open negotiations with Donald Anderson about the lease on their behalf. Darren volunteered to be involved in any discussions with Donald. Gid will put in planning application for skate park and club house and commence fundraising. Further discussion to take place regarding future projects.


  1. AOB:

–       discussion re path between Landford and Nomansland Rec.

–       Gid: Karina would like the wood fired BBQ repaired and would like to use this. Darren agreed to build another BBQ.

–       Gid: the location of the club house and skate park– discussed positioning of club house. Agreed that most appropriate place will be next to tennis courts (between courts and car park). Skate Park between play area and junior pitch.

–       John: suggested the next meeting should be held at Lamb Inn. Lee will approach The Lamb about the website so can speak to them at the same time with John. Lee will email John regarding date.

–       Gid: fantastic clear up last weekend. Thanks to Jono for bringing his tractor.

–       Lee circulated website flyer re linking local businesses and communities.

C Pritchard