Netball Club has started


A group of 18 ladies in the local area have expressed an interest in netball so a group has been formed to get a netball club started. If you are interested please email and we can put you in touch with the rest of the group.

The NSA can take the lead initially to put you all in touch with each other and organise any initial meetings, games or training. I am hoping some of you will take on the organisation of the club and any fundraising that you might need. The NSA website, facebook page and the email distribution list is at your disposal if you need to promote anything, just let me know.

One of the reasons this note has been delayed is that we have been busy securing some financial support from Landford Parish Council, which should mean some of our hard earned funds can now potentially go towards setting up netball facilities and your club. There is a meeting we will be having next Monday 30th October at 8pm at the clubhouse and I am hoping some of you can come along to talk about what facilities you would like to have and what the NSA can do for you.

There are several options that I can think of, however, would welcome any other ideas or adaption of these…

Option 1 – paint some lines on the existing tennis courts and use the schools hoops that are already there. However, the tennis courts are too small for a full size court to be played on competitively. Also, the surface of court no.1 will soon need repainting and repairing within a year or two anyway so the lines will need to be re-done. This option will cost only around £500 and could probably be funded by the NSA.

Option 2 – Repaint and repair court no. 1 and get new hoops so that the court will be functional for 5 to 10 year lifespan of the surface. This option will cost around £5k to £7k so will need support from other funding sources as well as the NSA such as South Wiltshire Area Board – part of Wiltshire Council. The initial application can be done online and you will need to present a case at one of their quarterly meetings. In my experience it is one of the easier grants to obtain. See here for details of what’s involved in getting a grant of up to £5k from them. We have one quote for this work and you would need to get 2 more competitive quotes to obtain grant funding.

Option 3 – Enlarge, repaint and repair both the courts to make a full size netball court. This would still only be a hard court surface with a 5 to 10 year lifespan, but it would be the correct size for competition. This will cost around £10k to £15k so funding from the Landfill Communities Funds or Sport England would also be required. The application process for this is a little more onerous but still quite achievable over a few months. A bit of research is required to find just the right fund to go for – starting here: or here or here

Option 4 – Build a new netball / multi use court adjacent to the tennis courts. Although the size and value of this work is far more, say £50k to £100k, the application process and paperwork will be similar to that for option 3. This larger project has the advantage that it will be purpose built to suit netball, will last for 25 years plus, and will be able to accommodate any growth of the club without having to compromise when people want to play tennis. Once or twice a week taking down the tennis nets is quite manageable, however, if it becomes more popular compromises will be have to be made to accommodate both tennis and netball. There is more than enough room on the site for this.

Option 5 – look around for other facilities. Landford Recreation Ground has a games surface that the Parish Council might look at doing up? Can Landford Village Hall be used?

Hope this is helpful. Please do come down on Monday 30th evening. I am always available if you would like to discuss any of the above further.

Gideon Aymes