Nomansland Recreation Ground at risk of closure

Rec Closed

Unless Landford Parish Council decide in their meeting next week to increase the precept budget and fund Nomansland recreation ground the NSA will not be able to keep the recreation ground open.

A meeting was held between Landford Parish Council recreation ground committee and the NSA on Monday 30th October to discuss the financial support that the LPC were going to offer to the NSA after their unanimous resolution earlier this month to support the NSA financially (Meeting Minutes item 90/17). The meeting was informed that, as it currently stands, there are no proposals in next years parish council budget to support Nomansland recreation ground maintenance costs.

The Parish Council has however, prepared a budget of around £4,500 to carry out the maintenance of Landford recreation ground and budgeted for £14,000 to be raised over the next 2 or 3 years to make improvements to the play equipment at Nomansland recreation ground. Although the NSA often help to improve the play area, the play equipment is not one of the NSA’s maintenance responsibilities.

The NSA did not receive any funding this year from the parish council. The NSA committee have been working tirelessly with the parish council over recent months providing information, budgets and history to demonstrate to the councillors that they are managing the recreation ground effectively. The parish council have also analysed the NSA’s fees and charges from football and clubhouse hire and have acknowledged that these are appropriate. The committee have demonstrated that the funds raised at the Nomansland village fayre and the firework display are not always sufficient to keep the recreation ground operating and the NSA has always relied upon parish council funding to keep operating.

The latest accounts from the summer fayre show that net income to the NSA this August is less than £3,800, down from £4,600 in 2016 and £5,400 in 2015. NSA Treasurer, John Roberts, admitted that “motivation was wearing thin” to keep the recreation ground operating. “If income from the fayre continues to drop we will not be able to continue all the services” he said. NSA Chairman, Gideon Aymes, explained “There are almost 1000 households in Landford, Nomansland and Hamptworth, so we are only asking for the parish council to increase each households precept by around £4.50 a year to raise the £4,500 that will guarantee the future of Nomansland Recreation Ground.”

Click here for a copy of the NSA / LPC meeting minutes.

The Parish Council will be meeting next Wednesday 8th November 2017 at 7.15 in the Blue Room at Landford Village Hall to discuss and agree the precept budget for next year.