NSA & Fayre Committee Meeting – 12th September 2011

Meeting of Nomansland Fayre Committe and Nomansland Sport Association  Committee

On Monday 12 September 2011 at 8.30 pm


Chair: John Roberts

Nicola Moxey

Peter Pring

Simon Ellis

Mike Smales

Louise Forgan

Bob Morris


Gideon Aymes Jon Loveday Karena Becker Mike (football)

John Hegran (Scouts)

Appologies; Nick Dyer


1.       Discussion around phone call and complaints from Tim Creed of National Park Authority concerning the Fayre and the aftermath. See Appendix 1. It was decided that as nothing has been put in writing there is no need for written reply.

Simon to call Tim and stress:

  • the toilet block was provided free
    • reiterate the need for funds for the NSA now that government funding has been cut
    • charities are promoted e.g. NFPA who mentioned to Bob Morris, on the Planning Committee, that the fayre is a useful facility for informing residents.

Tim Creed will be invited to the initial planning committee next Feb/April.

2.       Nice quotes from stallholders to go on the website. Gid to action.
3.       Treasurer’s Report
Money: profit so far £6000, target expected £8000.

Awaiting £125 and Mirabelle £140

Ice cream stall not profitable: loss of £50 but with sale of remaining stock should break even.

Simon to chase Penyards re printing payment.

4.      Notes for next year:-

Invite New Forest Ice Cream to do their own stall and make a donation. Invite the local paper

Note new rules re alcohol

5.     Simon to do an article for the Journal to cover this year: Big Society in action; fayre covering funding gap etc (speak to contact at Echo)

6.    Comments from committee  Mike Smales comments re splottery:


  • bottom corner of green too small an area
  • the cow was unsettled by the number of people, posing a possible danger to public
    • may be wiser to use donkey or small pony although this would not have the same draw. A smaller cow, possibly a Dexter or Pender may be the answer.
    • Problem getting new gates this year. Using old farm gates is inconvenient for farm and unhygienic for public.
    • May be able to use security fencing.

John Hegran: Car parking was an issue: locals at pub not happy although bollards worked well.

Next year Carry Keates at the caravan park may provide a field. Suggest entry charge of £1 with a free programme.

Suggestion to make the road alongside the green one way. Need to request permission unsure whether this would be from the police or Highways Authority.

Louise: problem of lack of tables in the cricket hut for the teas. Everything sold out and cakes were taken from the cake stall so need more next year. Took £900

Bill: positive feedback from stall holders was that the layout was good, bungi was great. He would like a toffee apple stall next year!

Gid: organisation of stalls needs to be tighter. Making the schedule was worthwhile. Announcements need to be planned for promoting events and stalls and general info.

Jon Loveday : disliked the cider. There were 160 pints. 128 pints of beer sold out so need more next year. Could also sell water. Suggested getting local equestrian clubs to participate next year.

Darren: best fayre ever. Everything was prepared this year. It is seen as traditional, everything a village fayre should be. The main tent should be advertised more. Cricket club should have a presence.

Mike (football): missed it. Will put football club tug-of-war team together next year.

Karena: comments from teenagers: best fayre ever; the burgers were cheap although well prepared; 3 minutes too short for the bungi and there was no help/assistance/guide.

The bouncy slide man can do bungi so should be suggested to him next year.

It was suggested that there could be a photographer for the children and charge.

John Roberts: the layout of the stalls nearly worked (need more plan copies next time). PA tent needs to be central and focussed. Need better communication with volunteers Good PA system. Well done to Nick.

Simon: need more helpers. Need to take a fresh approach to recruitment: make start earlier for marketing and for gathering volunteers.

Nikki: the scouts have a very good electrician to help with issues. Suggested adding local trades people who help, to the programme to advertise their services as a thank you. More thought needs to be given to the sighting of the PA.

Peter: stalls were better than last year. More advance bookings needed.

Nick emailed the following for the benefit of everyone


–             I did the job of stringing the cables through the trees

–             I’m not sure who did it in the past – there are hooks/nails in some of

the trees but no-one I asked could tell me where they were. So we just used an extension ladder from my house and hung the wires over branches etc. There’s probably easier ways of doing it

–             Power came from the cooker socket in the cricket club house.

–  Thanks for the help from Simon/John Loveday sorting out the wire across to the cricket square.

–  I think we should be using a trip/RCD device, also it is a good thing it didn’t rain because none of the sockets were waterproofed – I think outdoors we need the 16A waterproof connectors. I think we should have someone qualified to verify what we are doing is safe and ideally set it up.


–  the speaker stand for the NSA PSA got blown over at one point, needs wider legs or tying to the top frame of a gazebo in future

–  I think the radio mike worked well, I borrowed it from my brother, it was a Shure PG58 based one (about 170 to buy new in case NSA wanted to buy one)

–  I still have the PA at my house

–  any comments about volume/audibility?

Beer/Cider/Pimms stall

–               spent most of the time helping to run this

–    we ran out of beer about 2.30/3pm I think but it
that we finished selling all the cider as well.

–    had several people asking about water – could we

–    I’m not sure we followed the rota very exactly –


useful to have a copy pasted to the stall. Things seemed to work out OK because everyone was prepared to muck in as necessary.

Gid: suggested thank you letters to all sponsors and stalls holders All to provide names and addresses to John R asap


Gareth Jones

Ian Thompson

First Aider

Dean and Dyball

Nikki to give list of all stallholders to John

Simon to give list of sponsors to John

NSA Minutes

New Tea Urn needed for Cricket Club. — John and all approved

Application to Parish Council for slide. £1000 has been approved plus the NSA funds. VAT was not included. Gid has in hand

R2 funds already allocated from new builds

Approx £4300 of which £1000 has an end date 31/01/12 Cricket Club: Bill will chase £2000 for NSA

Therefore save parish funds for another occasion.


Simon Ellis circulated the following email to all Fayre Committee members and the various replies are shown below the original message



Took a call from a Tim Creed who is the New Forest Keeper

We are in big trouble and they say will not have another Fayre on the common (I crawled big time and will report formally on Monday)

Big thanks to Bill Dunn for taking the sting out of his witch hunt !

Issues are as follows:

  • Permission was not sought nor granted for the Fayre on the common
    • The toilet block was positioned opposite a cottage and this is considered un neighbourly
    • The frame was still there a week after – it should have been moved immediately
    • The embankment on the other green was savaged with a tractor but he was grateful to Bill for restoring it
    • Trust would never give permission to park there in any event
    • Painting white lines (for parking) is seen as an act of vandalism (bit like kids on walls with spray paint!)
    • Rubbish left on Green (boxes and bags) Again thanks to Bill issue resolved
    • Event far too big for the green and would not have been allowed
    • No signs advertising anything allowed on NF land – even illegal to advertise a car for sale if you use the grass opposite common to park!!!)

–      he has collected all our signs and Penyards signs too!

–      I did ask if we can have them back

In our defence I stated

  • This was only our second event having inherited very little from past committee
  • We were led to believe that the event had a perpetual permission
  • We were (mistakenly) under the impression that the villagers had the right to use the other green
  • Explained that NSA has duty to village and school to maintain Rec and that all previous (council) based funding now cut so this is the only chance we have to raise enough money to cover our operating costs (got a bit of sympathy here)

He said we need to speak to NFT in future gave me Jane Allbury as a name at a call centre in Scotland but Southampton Number!

02380 283141 for future, she is the one to set permissions etc in motion and to tell us what is or isn’t allowed

Tim’s mobile number is 07799 582275

I have suggested the following

  1. We will discuss all these issues
  2. We will invite him to a future meeting to present cans and cant’s Our plan should be to get him totally on side and involved in the future.


If the event is “TOO BIG” for the common we may need to get a view on alternative venues, perhaps the Rec although we would miss out on the quaint aspect that is added by the cricket pavilion and the pub etc

Hey, we are getting noticed !

– perhaps we need a press release or story about how NF needs to be proactive to assist villages where funds have been cut by local government and where group of people are prepared to give time and effort to cover the gaps and given we live here they should trust us not to abuse or endanger the environment – any journalists amongst our memebrship??

At the moment he sees this as an issue with the NSA (scouts not mentioned at all) Simon



A similar thing happened last year when the chapel was having building work done: they had a skip on the parking just outside their wall and were told by the NPA to remove it. As I understand it, they found some very old paperwork which gave them a perpetual right to use that land.

Would the “not have another fayre on the common” edict affect the event in June? Because either it’s a double standard or we can enlist their support as well.


Hello All,

I have organised many of the June Fayres and we just send a letter every year asking permission and it is always granted. They did get a bit “sniffy” and said we were being too commercial and should keep it “local” but no trouble in gaining permission.

Like the earlier emails – any attempt to stop the fayre must be met with “outrage”/ “Angry from Tunbridge Wells” – we all live here and this is a way of keeping rural communities thriving.

I have met with Tim Creed – he is a reasonable chap and has been fine with any misdemeanours we may have performed (line painting, damage to gate etc) but I think we need to be very wary of the NFA as a whole. They need to be seen to be busy and will get too authoritative if we let them.

At least that stupid woman CEO who wanted to ban dog walking and blankets on ponies has been sacked!

See you tonight Lou

Hi Simon

First thing I would say is that when I applied for permission a few years ago the authority gave us an open ended permission. I even rang them to question this but they said that they were happy for the fayre to continue on the green and that we did not need to submit an annual request for permission.

You should have the original permission on file.

I know the politics of the authority has since changed with the National Park status, but the agreement should still stand.


Spent an hour going through the files I have here and I can advise:

First fund raising village fete was held on the Green September 1981 to raise NSA funds and raised £400 (detailed in minutes of meetings).

Village Fete was held every August Bank Holiday since then and got much bigger, in 1984 the BBC filmed it and it raised £1,554.89 which was distributed to the School, Brownies, Scouts, Football Club, Crisket Club, WI and NSA. (have minutes detailing).

Have meeting minutes from 28th June 1989 saying “Mrs Audrey Pitts advised they she had heard from the forestry comminssion and that they had no objections to the fete, as in previous years.” and “The local police had been informed of the event and have no objections.”

Also meeting minutes 23rd March 1994 “Audrey Pitts presented the following …1. Permission has been granted by the forestry commission”

1996 seems to have been the first year that the fayre became a shared event with the scouts.

Got various minutes through 2004 and later. Forestry commission permission was granted etc. no sign of the written proof…! Somebody must have a file full of summer fayre permissions…!

See you all tomorrow night Gid

Is this a formal complaint backed by the authority? If so, we should ask for the issues to be put in writing so we can address them properly. Otherwise it is just some maverick getting carried away with his own importance and we should not waste our valuable time getting worked up about his petty moaning. I’d like to see him try and stop the event. The Daily Mail would love it Can’t imagine anyone in the authorities would have the guts to put it in writing. I took some photos the day afterwards so the extent of the “terrible vandalism” can be appreciated. We are only being moaned at because he knows where to find us. Besides, I didn’t see who made the hole in the bank? And all those cars just parked there because they saw an opportunity, didn’t they? Nothing to do with us ;-))


Dear Leo,

I don’t know whether you had a chance to attend, but we had a very successful village fayre on Monday 29th August this year. The following link has some of the details…Summer Fayre 2011

The Fayre has been held here every year on Bank Holiday Monday for at least 20 years.

We are doing our best to do this correctly, but we still seem to have upset the Forest Keeper (see below). Hopefully we can smooth this over, just thought you might be interested in this issue.


Gideon Aymes Well said Mike,

When i drove off to work the next morning you could hardly tell what had happened the previous day, makes you laugh when you think every year before we start playing cricket we have to roll the green because of the state it’s left in by pigs and people who gallop their horses across it, added to the fact the amount of people who let their dog crap on it!

It’s funny how travellers can turn up on Stoney Cross and leave a mess that cost the forestry thousands to clear up and yet are they punished? i think not.

We should stand our ground a bit with this one as the forestry could be seen in a very bad light should they threaten the existence of our rec and indeed the local scouts,

Rant over! Darren

This is the sort of sickening petty bureaucracy that we all feared when NPA took over and the world is run by civil servants, they would have been much happier had it failed. We have always had to ask to use the green, but it never has been an issue. I did return the next day in the morning to re instate the bank but found that it had been done. There is no way you should move from this site, quite apart from the fact that once it has been promoted, you will never be in control of how many turn up. For them to say there will never be another Fayre on the common, displays a level of arrogance that needs to be sorted, they need to remember we pay their wages!!! Mike