NSA Funding Meeting – 6th October 2011

NSA Funding Meeting
6th October 2011


John Roberts (Chairman)

Peter Pring (Treasurer)

Simon Ellis (Secretary)

Gid Aymes (Chief fundraiser)

Location: Gids house in Whiteparish

Toddler Play facility

R2 funding will cover 50%

Redlynch PC have donated £1000

Remaining amout of £1173 will be covered by SWAG funds

General works that we have also obtained funding for are;  Replace / Rebuild the Tyre swing

–      Needs work on the ground under and around it as well

–      Decision was to rebuild from approved components rather than spend E6k on a replacement at a cost of around £1500

–      Gid has created a design that conforms with the various Health and Safety directives for this equipment

–      The Camel will be moved as part of this redevelopment

–      All this work will help ensure conformance following a general H&S review Pathway and Picnic area development to reduce impact of mud

–      Pathway around and through the play area will include drainage — will also dig out the ditch along the perimeter (behind tennis courts) to ensure drainage is effective

–      Covering will be paving slabs for durability

–      Picnic area will also be paved and a number of proper (not DIY store) picnic tables will be placed (3?)

–      The scrapings that had been ordered for the paths will be used to provide ongoing materials for repairing the potholes in the road

Other Business

–      A debate ensued on the merits of limiting frequency of changes to the code for the Tennis courts — Suggestions were annually in line with membership subscription or perhaps quarterly with email notification to members

  •  No decision was reached

–      The NSA AGM is now due

–      Secretary to issue AGM meeting notices and notice of election of officers

–      AGM will be held on Wednesday 7th December at 20:00

–      JR will book the back room at the Lamb Inn so that we can have pre Christmas Drinks after the AGM