NSA Meeting Minutes – 19th January 2012

Committee meeting, Friday 20th January 2012, Kings Head in Whiteparish

Chairman – John Roberts
Treasurer – Peter Pring
Secretary – Gideon Aymes
Previous Minutes – AGM on 7th December. Still waiting for write up. Wait another week for
Simon, if no response Gid to write up.

Tennis Club
Derek has asked for around £35 for Tennis league membership. Approved.
Repairs to centre court ferrule were carried out but not satisfactory. Repairs have now
been done again and need to be inspected. Post meeting: Repairs inspected and
Fence Line wires have been tightened. New net tape and tensioner have been provided
and handed to Karina (Coach).
Tennis Court cleaning is required – Gid to arrange. Post meeting note: Court Cleaning
arranged for 31st January.
Gid suggested a Tennis Ladder Competition. This has been discussed with Karina (Coach)
and has her full backing. All approved and joined the competition. Gid to make
arrangements and administer.
Membership is due soon for most members but some have joined part way through the
season. All agreed that shorter duration memberships should be available on a pro-rata
basis. Wording of membership to be changed to suggested donations so that gift aid can
again be explored.
Peter to investigate gift aid / VAT implications throughout NSA.
All Tennis member payments to go to Peter in the first instance for banking, then to Gid for
Gid to update membership forms and flyers accordingly.

Football Club
Mike Ward has requested new white lining equipment at a cost of £650. Funding may be
applicable. Expenditure approved. Mike to purchase. Gid to apply for funding.
Post meeting note: Mike was contacted about football club leaving the changing rooms in
a mess. Mike apologised and cleaned them up himself. Cost of providing a cleaning
service to be discussed at next meeting.

Play Equipment
All existing equipment inspected and in good order.
Gid reported on improvement project progress:
New Toddler equipment in place
New access gate, paths and drainage complete
Secure storage container now on site. Access to Container to be by key only in order to
maintain high security. Issued only to a few users.
George Gray currently installing concrete pads for park furniture. To be complete by end of
next week.
New Tyre swing equipment has been purchased. Tyre swing to be erected.
Project running to budget and expectations. Actual expenditure to date and allocation to
various funding sources spreadsheet reviewed and approved.
Suggested Next Saturday as day for volunteers to help build the swing and park furniture.
Gid to send out request for help.
Gas BBQ within budget and can now be stored in secure storage – approved for purchase.
To be made available for all clubs and fayre.
Gid handed expenses invoice for ballast to Peter for reimbursement.

New Changing Room Project
Peter advised approx £3k of current funds raised can be ring fenced for changing room
Agreed that it was appropriate for a proportion of Tennis club membership funds should go
towards this as it will benefit the tennis club also.
Current design / position agreed as the proposal that should go forward for planning
permission. Gid to investigate planning permission.
John to look into arranging a fund raising evening at Mirrabelles together with auction.

Next Meeting
Meetings to be scheduled on the Thursday in the 3rd week of every Month. All to be invited
to the next meeting. Next Meeting 23rd February
Fayre meeting to be scheduled soon, on a different night to the NSA meeting to suit Nikki