NSA Meeting Minutes – 1st October 2009

Nomansland Sports Association

Handover Meeting Notes

1st   October, 2009



To start the handover process of documents, files and important aspects to the new officers

Any Smith; Dave Hodson; John Loveday (retiring officers)
John Roberts; Peter Pring; Simon Ellis (new officers)

There is no particular order to these notes as there was no formal agenda

A. NSA funds
Andy passed over copy letters previously sent to Redlynch PC requesting funds. These are available
every year and are generally sought during November.
Funds are used for operational expenses and around 1000 is made available
The letter sets out the budget based on the last accounts and last year NSA asked for around 1400
and got 1000
Target is to keep balance at bank to 34k
RT funding was with Salisbury but now moved to New Forest Nat Park
Salisbury soaked up
Nat park may have 23K accrued
Funds are rolling five year availability, if left longer they vanish from our grasp

Peter to provide some budget guidelines based on last completed accounts (Sept 2008)
John / Simon to initiate the letter and send.

B. Financial Year End
This is 3lst September. Peter will try to flnalise these in due course although they are not needed till
the AGM next year

C. Issue re horses escaped to field
Who owns the fieldl?
Who has responsibility for fence?
Whose horses are they?
Bill Dunn may be able to answer the questions of ownership.
Simon to clear pitch Friday 13:00 (ready for Hockey game at 14:00)
All to clear Sat 3rd Oct at 0930

D. Trailer dumped on NSA site

We will ask John Skurlock on Saturday if it s his

E.General maintenance
Mike Smales has offered to assisit on roadway maintenance
Mike also supplies barck chippings for play area

F.Parish Council
Bill Dunn is our councillor and he keeps us infonned (warned) on strategy that may affect NSA
Bill also does the equipment inspections every month – he may wish to hand this over sometime
soon so a new volunteer should be found
Add to Agenda for meeting on 21st

G.John Loveday

Has agreed that he will stay on the committee

H. Summer Fair in partnership with the scouts
Need to contact Nicky and Loraine – planning from around April
Run on Bank Holiday Monday (end August)
Is popular with tourists
Leaflets to be distributed to campsites etc
REQUIRES PERMISSION LETTER from New Forest – John handed Simon a copy of
previous one
Stage owned by Scouts
Tannoy donated (we think)
All in storage at Andys
Items run by NSA include

Dog racing (so long as scouts have dog show)
Cheese rolling
Bouncy Castle (Andy has one)
Mike Smales provides cheeses, cow and tractor / trailer

Includes 10-15 trade stalls (all paying a nominal fee) and having no “direct competitors”
Suggested that all meet with Andy in Feb 2010 to get full handover
Andy to send account etc to Simon

I. Relationships between NSA and different clubs who use site
Informal, nothing officially “contracted”
This seems to work and keeps things simple
if NSA became Cash rich this would need to change eg at present Football carry out pitch

J.Land Lease
The PC are believed to hold the head lease
Unsure if NSA actually have any recognised (formal) title
Seems that land was given to school by Guy Anderson and the school hived it off to form
Need to establish facts here – possibly help from Pete Henderson or Howard ?? who is very
knowledgeable on NSA

K.Bank mandates
Peter has been passed online bank log in details
Peter will look at signatory mandates and rules and get these changed formally

L.Rec site clean up 2x per year
Next clean up for autumn when leaves will need to be swept away
Check ditches and verges too

M.Next meeting
Next full committee meeting scheduled for Wed 2lst Oct
Simon to email all
Get replies on who is / not attending
John to select venue and offered to buy first round

N.Agenda input
Road maintenance
Skate Park
Web site
Tasks needing volunteers

Possibly equipment inspection
Changing rooms – debate
Fund raising events

Summer Fair

O.Club House
Each association can get some funding from their main body, however they all want
different things and would exclude others from using it
Need to look at what we can do as NSA and make available to all – this could be the major
challenge for the current committee

It was noted that in 2002 a bicentennial (Nomansland) event was held in the form of a
sponsored run from Lyndhust to the Common

Some discussions between members were missed by me so if anyone can add to the
above please email me your additions (so I can add to the main document)

Notes taken by Simon Ellis