NSA Meeting Minutes – 7th July 2011

Meeting Minutes

Thursday 7th July 2011;

Nomansland Recreation Ground


Peter Pring Treasurer Caryl Rowland
Louise Forgan Sam Furmidge
Gideon Aymes Bill Dunn Parish Council
Tony Leader Sam Leader
Nikki Moxey (Fayre Only) Scouts Nick Dyer



Item Discussion Actions / Results
1.0  FAYRE


Fayre Layout – Move splottery to give more room for assault course all along forest edge of green. Move arena further up hill Gid to revise layout


No NSA bouncy castle this year, only commercial one

1.03 Book up Inflatable slide, candy floss and merry go round Gid – Don


Check up on insurance details for assault course and tug o war Peter to follow up with


Britford Chutney to have a stall

Nikki to book up

Stall Fees – E15 each, ElO for charities. Same charge whatever the size. All fees to be collected in cash on the day.

Peter and Nikki to note


Dinklle wicks designs stall booked up – Louise has done

Nikki to list and allocate plot


Car parking – marshalling to be done on other side of green. Sam Leader, Sam Furmidge, Sam Moxey volunteered Gid to bring line marking


Numbered A4 sheets to be put on stakes for plots during set up Gid to sort on day


Sacks and rope for sack race and 3 legged race – Nikki has at scout hut Nikki – pick up on day

Medals for football – Nikki has a set – to be handed out after kids football match

John – dont forget!


Louise has real tug o war rope in garage

Last years tug o war rope will make a good boundary rope for the arena.

Louise to get it to the scout
hut ready to be collected on
the day
1.13 Nigels strong man game needed and also Childrens toys, stored at Caryls house. Volunteers needed to run this. Collect on day.
Gid to add to volunteer
schedule. Volunteers needed!


Caryl Rowland to volunteer all day – nominated to be in charge of ice creams.
Freezer, number of ice creams / lolly pops, gazebo / umbrella, set up next to tea tent.
Caryl to make arrangements.
Appeal for freezer – all to


Splottery tickets handed to Peter. Peter Issued 0-20 and 1001-1020 to Nikki, 1121 to 1460 to Louise. 1600 to sell this year (double last year) big effort required. Random number grid handed to Peter. Agreed that this must remain secret until after splot measurement.

Everyone to start selling
splottery tickets


Splottery sweepstake – not very successful last year, better to use volunteers elsewhere?


Raffle to be run using cloakroom tickets. More space needed so that people
can fill out their own tickets.


Simon has flier printing and sponsorship in hand. No big programs this year
unless required for advertising / sponsorship. 2OOO fliers to be printed. Fliers will a/so have a prize draw entry slip. Prize draw entry point to be left at Pimms and Cider Tent 
Simon to arrange ASAP


Pimms and Cider Tent – also to have a barrel of beer this year Gid to arrange


Nick Dyer to arrange PA system with Jon Loveday assistance if required. Nick – Jon


Advertising [ Sign locations
Flyers in school bags
Wave 105, Radio Solent, Spire fm
Salisbury Journal, Romsey advertiser
Roadside A3 Posters laminated
Big Signs on A36 Poacher and New Road
Downton Directory
Whiteparish Steeple and Street
Parish Magazines
Louise to arrange / make calls


Tug of War teams – 6 to 8 to be arranged
Lamb – confirmed
Phil Osman – confirmed
Mark Sharpe – last years winners
Tea tent ladies team
Sam Leaders under lSs team
Tennis club
Football club
Hatchet pub

Gid to get confirmationLouise to arrange
Sam Leader to organiseCaryl Rowland to arrange
Gid to chase up with Mike
Gid to follow up


Gazebos – from School Gid to follow up with Darren


Soft drinks to be sold from the cake stall

Louise to order supplies
1.25 Soft drinks to be sold at the cider and pimms Gid to order sufficient.

Toilets – Gid to arrange larger ones


NSA stalls – would be better just as a presentation stand with posters etc. and details of how to join / leave your details. Need to find volunteers to set this up, prepare posters, print off info sheets.

Volunteers needed.


NSA matters 


Apologies noted from John Roberts, Simon Ellis, Mike Ward, Dale Brock and Caroline Whittaker


Peter noted that Simon Ellis will be moving out of the area but had made a commitment to help out until the summer fayre was over. Everyone agreed that Simons contribution to the committee has been fantastic and will be missed.

2.3 The proposed newsletter was circulated, a few corrections were noted and it was agreed to send it out ASAP Gid to send out newsletter


Recreation Ground Housekeeping   


Annual independent inspection was carried out last month by county council and received by parish council. Bill Dunn handed over recommendations. Bill has already done the weeding and raking of the fall area chippings. Only the recommendation to cover the exposed bolts on the rocker remains and will be resolved in the improvement work this September. It was noted the bolts have always been exposed and never been an issue before.
3.2  John has completed a full ground inspection including all the boundaries and buildings and will put a report on file – no issues reported. John to file inspection report 


Letters of thanks sent by John as per last months minutes


Dale still working on vinyl / carpet fitting. Original plan to carpet not successful

– investigating other sources.

Dale to continue trying to find
supplies.All to advise if they can obtain
2nd hand vinyl/carpet


Mike Ward advised that Glen Curl has offered to roll the pitches. Also Glen Curl has advised that horses will not be kept in thefield adjacent to the rec, so escaped horses on the pitch will no longer be a problem.  Mike to follow up rolling
when weather right.


Pitchfertilising still outstanding  Gid to ask Mike Smales 
3.7  Website is now up to date – Gid has access to modify.   


Clear up day set of Saturday morning 23rd July. Request for Help to go out.
Work required is still listed on the whiteboard. Supplies to be obtained.
Gid to send out request for
help and supplies.


Access to Facilities using a combination lock set to the same code as the tennis courts was suggested. Concerns over vandalism were noted but the idea could Gid to obtain and fit
combination lock


Tony Leader’s contribution to doing odd jobs around the changing rooms was acknowledged and he was Thanked. Tony offered to try and finally fix the last few drips on the leaking stopcock. The incoming main stopcock has been found and is located in the verge at the top of the track behind the new sign. Tony to continue to do odd


A key for the gate needs to be cut and given to the school

Gid to get one cut


Oak tree bough at top of field had fallen down. Andrew and Howard
offered to clear up which was accepted and has now been done.

Committee to thank Andrew
and Howard.


Tennis Club   


Flyers distributed to all local households by scouts. Posters up around the village and membership drive now completed. Approx 6 additional family memberships obtained so far.

Committee to Thank Scouts
4.2 Nobody had taken up any short term memberships so changing the code was decided to be unnecessary this month.

A court calendar is now published on the website detailing 81|league matches and coaching sessions. Current use of the courts is still low. Members have not reported any problems getting access to the courts at any time as required without making a booking. The online booking system would be nice, but no longer a necessity. If members wish to book they can email Gid. Online booking system only required when demand for bookings becomes too difficult to manage.

4.4 Peter has received all Tennis club funds and information. Susanne Waller’s email noted and retirement from running the membership acknowledged. All expressed thanks to Susanne for her contribution to the tennis club. Gid running members
database at present.


The tennis club notes on their performance in the Sarum league were noted. Best of luck for the rest of the season.


Beavers / Cubs sport evening
Volunteers were all in place. Events to include Brownies could also be
arranged through Pam Leader and Tracey Shearing.
This event is not going to hoppen now. Need to plan it with a bit more notice next time so that club leaders can make arrangements in time. 


Child safeguarding
Concerns raised by Caroline and others regarding NSA Child Safeguarding policy were acknowledged and the issue was discussed at some length. All present agreed that the NSA, as an organisation, only provided the facilities for other clubs to use and therefore had no Child safeguarding responsibilities. Responsibility for Child safeguarding lies with the individuals running the clubs using the facilities.
Everyone agreed that Karina had appropriate safeguarding policies in place as this had been checked by the school.
Kids football was being run on the basis that parents are supposed to stay at the Rec with their children during the session . Some children are left under the supervision of other adults, but only if they know them and make the arrangement privately. The wording on the website reflects this orrongement.
Peter advised that he had already looked into the legislation surrounding this and that the proposed legislation was never applied because it meant that every parent that happens to have a childs friend round for tea would need a CRB check.

No Child safeguarding is in place for this session or is believed to
be necessary.

No further action



Playground and Picnic Area Improvement Project 



£1k from Parish Council and E5k from Wiltshire Council had been awarded.
Gid was thanked for his contribution.


£8.5k from Landfill Communities funding was being considered. Decision
hoped for by mid August.


Work to start in September. Scope as per sketches all agreed.

Gid to engage contractors
when required.


Clubhouse Project   


Proposed site and extent next to tennis courts was accepted by all present. Planning permission is required. Volunteers to help with this process were requested



Funding from lotteries will be applied for once planning permission obtained

Gid can do.




School contribution of £500 agreed~ School have asked for an invoice for £500.

Peter to prepare invoice for school 


Audi hove promised £250. 

John to obtain cheque 

Next meeting proposed for Thursday 11th August 7pm at the Rec