NSA Meeting Minutes – 9th June 2011

Meeting Minutes

Thursday 9th June 2011;

Nomansland Recreation Ground


John Roberts Chairman Caroline Whitaker Tennis Club
Peter Pring Treasurer Mike Ward Football Club
Mike Smales Leo Randall County Councillor
Gideon Aymes Bill Dunn Parish Council
Sandra Goddard Dale Brock
Nikki Moxey (Fayre Only) Scouts




Discussion Actions / Results
1.0 FAYRE 

Nikki, Gid and Mike Smales met at 7pm to discuss preparations for the Fayre. Fayre discussions continued when everyone arrived at 8pm as well. The main matters discussed were as follows

1.01 Fayre Layout — Layout drawing agreed, all pitches are now numbered. Parkingon the green to the South of the Lamb should be no problem; Mike Smales canfill and make good the ditch for cars to get access. No other Parking areashave so far been volunteered. All — Does anyone know ifthere are any other parkingareas available?
1.02 Program — Everyone is happy with the program, as per the schedule.
1.03 Volunteer schedule — Lots of volunteers still needed. Nikki will start to get people to commit to times and stalls. Gid to update as and when volunteers come forward. Schedule will be kept up to date on the website. Gid to update schedule
1.04 Fliers for Tombola collection, to be printed both sides with artwork by Simon. Simon to provide artwork. Nikki to distribute ready for a 1st July collection date. Post meeting note— artwork now done. Gid to arrange printing. Gid to arrange printing
1.05 Raffle. Discussed improving system so that it’s not so labour intensive writing out everyone’s name and address on the tickets. Agreed to print tickets and hand over whole ticket to punters for them to fill out and place stub in a collection bin. Nikki to provide prize details for raffle ticket printing. Gid to get printed.
1.06 Splottery – Tickets are being printed. Gid confirmed they will be available for distribution next week.
1.07 Stalls and Stall payments. About 28 of 36 stalls already filled. Looking for someadditional local produce stall holders. £20 per stall being charged. Nikki would like the stall form to go on the website and maybe to collect payment prior to event using just giving web site. Peter later said he prefers to collect on the day. All — Look out for local produce stall holders.Nikki — forward form to Gid to go onto website.Peter and Nikki to work out best payment collection system.
1.08 Pictures from last years fayre need to go up on website. Simon has Nikki’s memory stick. Simon to get pictures ontowebsite
1.09 Nikki informed us that Matt (Police) will put out cones to prevent parking bothsides of the road.
1.10 Noted from previous meeting that Nick Dyer will check over PA system and get it up and running. Also contact Jon Loveday to see if we can get any better system by borrowing his speakers / PA? Nick Dyer to sort PA.
1.11 Gid to try and obtain hessian sacks for sack race from Courtens Gid to enquire.
1.12 John passed on Simon Ellis’ apologies and noted that Simon has raised £1500 in corporate sponsorship for the Fayre. All acknowledged this was a fantastic achievement and passed on thanks to Simon for his efforts.
1.13 John also noted that Simon was ready with the programs for distribution by15th July. Simon Ellis to Print Programs
2.0 Discussions turned to NSA matters.The previous minutes of 26th April were accepted.
3.0 Tennis Club
3.1 There was much discussion about proposals for access to the courts for non‑members. A number of concerns were raised by Caroline, Sandra and Dale and the points raised in Susanne Waller’s email were duly noted and discussed. John stated that protecting the core membership of the club, the coaching program and the current users of the courts was the NSA’s main priority. Any additional proposals would only be adopted if they did not interfere with these priorities.
3.2 John passed on Ian Thompson’s apologies and noted that Ian had put together a presentation for a Website based calendar for the courts which could be linked to the just giving payment system. Ian will be able to build this website and put this system in place free of charge within a few weeks once the scope has been determined. John noted the effort and professionalism put into the presentation and all passed on their thanks to Ian for his efforts and offer.
3.3 It was agreed that a “pay and play” system at Nomansland was not appropriate or really described the intentions behind the proposal. Any short term use of the courts should be on the basis of being a “Trial Membership” that would be converted into a full membership in due course.
3.4 After much debate it was agreed that the following additional trial membership options would be available for use of the tennis courts:•      Trial Family Membership for one calendar month for £20. Only one trial month per family would be permitted per year, full membership would be required thereafter.•      Trial court use for an hour for £5. Only 3 Trials per person would be permitted per year, full membership would be required thereafter.

•      A website based booking calendar for the courts would be put in place. Members will be able to reserve courts for any amount of time for free. Non members will be directed to make an online payment before reserving a slot on the calendar. All club activities and coaching will be booked out by an administrator.

•      A mobile phone text fee payment option will also be made available for a £5 fee for trial court use for an hour.

•      The mobile phone text fee payment option would be made available for all guests of members to pay a £2 fee.

Gid to agree scope with Ian.Ian to build website.Gid to administer the system.
3.5 After much debate it was agreed to change the lock code every calendar month. Dale will change the code. Gid will coordinate with Dale and distribute an email a week before the change and the day of the change to all members.This frequency will remain flexible so it can be changed more often if we haveproblems or less often if no one takes up the trial memberships. Gid / Dale to coordinate
3.6 Mike Ward asked to have the code to retrieve footballs. Mike to be included on tennis court code email list.
3.7 Dale gave a brief account of the Tennis Club team. Derek Waller is leading the team, and the team is on place for this years summer league. It is hoped to have a winter league team, despite problems getting a full team last year.
3.8 Gid offered to start a publicity drive to increase tennis club membership. A leaflet could be distributed in the local area along with the leaflet drop for the fayre tombola collection by the scouts. Gid to prepare leaflet and print
4.0 Football
4.1 Mike Ward gave a brief account of the Football Club. He has 35 players, with some more members being sought for next season. All are welcome to join from age 15 years upwards. Last season they had problems fielding a full team. They finished the season 3rd from bottom.
4.2 Mike will be doing some Summer training on Wednesday evenings, 13th July onwards, all are welcome. Gid suggested getting this advertised locally, Mike agreed. Gid to prepare leaflet and print
4.3 Mike would like to field a B team. He is also looking for some help running the team. Hopefully someone will come forward as a result of the summer training All — see if anyone is interested in this.
4.4 Mike is putting in an application for £1000 from Cash4Clubs for kit.
5.0 Recreation Ground Housekeeping.
5.1 John noted the contribution of everyone at the last tidy up day. 12 people spent a morning redecorating the changing rooms. A few more helped repair potholes in the road. Plumbing has been fixed, a new notice board put up, signs put up along the road. Thanks to all those involved was expressed by everyone present. John to draft letter of thanks and send to Elmtree signs,Dyno Plumbing, etc.
5.2 A number of housekeeping items remain. It was agreed that another tidy upday would be the best way of getting this done. Gid to organise list of jobs anda suitable date. Caroline offered to run a barbeque lunch. Dale Brock offeredto investigate getting a new carpet fitted to the away changing rooms andvinyl to the shower room. Gid to set date.Dale to investigate carpetfitting
5.3 Playground Inspections. Gid noted that an inspection had been carried out and all equipment was in serviceable condition apart from the tyre swing that has been taken down. John offered to carry out and document monthly inspections. Gid raised the issue of annual inspections by an independent inspector. Bill and John thought that this was being carried out by the council. John to confirm. John to carry out monthly inspections and check on annual independent inspections.
5.4 Bill said that a boundary inspection was also required. Mike said that there was a problem with the fences to the field and horses getting through it. The field is owned by Glen Curl. Mike suggested a letter should be sent to ask for the fences to be maintained. John to send letter to Glen Curl on Forest Road.
5.5 Gid asked whether an inspection of the building might be required and what standard is required. John offered to carry out inspections and investigate requirements John to include building in monthly inspections.
5.6 Mike Ward suggested that the football pitch could do with fertilising. Mike Smales offered to do this as a charitable donation to the NSA. Mike Smales to fertilise pitch when weather is right.
5.7 Mike Ward noted that the pitch also needs rolling in September. Mike Smales equipment not really suitable. Rolling using a hired self propelled roller as in previous occasions is best option at present. Gid asked Mike to look out for a second hand roller. All supported the expenditure of up to £500 by Mike on the NSA behalf if a suitable roller comes up for sale. Mike Ward to arrange rollerhire as usual when weather right.Mike Smales to look out for a roller to buy.
6.0 Kids Football

John said this was still a popular weekly event. He is planning to visit school and try to get more kids involved and perhaps get into a few competitions from this September.

7.0 School Circus

 NSA have offered help but exact role not yet certain. Peter offered to investigate and arrange.

Peter to investigate and organise NSA role.
8.0 Beavers / Cubs Sport evening

Gid suggested Nikki Moxey would be interested in bringing the Beavers and Cubs down the Rec for a multi sports session. All supported the idea. Caroline and Dale offered to run a tennis session. John and Gid offered to run some football. Session would be a Tuesday evening 5.00— 6.15 and 6.30 – 8.00.

All to agree a suitable date.
9.0 Newsletter

Gid offered to get newsletter out again this month. Everyone supported this suggestion. Caroline noted that Mrs Pugh from Forest School would like to be included in all information and business plans.

Gid to prepare and issue newsletter.
10.0 Playground and Picnic Area Improvement Project
10.1 Latest detailed plan of proposals were tabled by Gid and explained. NewToddler equipment, tyre swing, drainage, pathways, paving, benches and picnic tables are proposed. The need to carry out the work was unanimously agreed. The design and specification of the plans was unanimously supported by everyone present.
10.2 The current fundraising applications and the scope of work being supported by each fund were explained by Gid in general terms. The Parish Council has been asked to make a £1000 contribution to the Toddler equipment. The Southern Wiltshire Area Board has been asked to contribute £5000 toward a reduced scope of work requiring a large voluntary contribution and further donations of materials. The Landfill Communities fund has been asked to contribute £8600 to enable a full scope of works to be carried out. Bill to complete application details for Parish Council meeting.
10.3 Parish Council Meeting is this Tuesday 14th June at Nomansland reading rooms SWAB meeting is Thursday 23rd June at Coombe Bissett village hall. Gid said he will be attending these meetings, but any additional support would be useful. All to attend meetings if possible.
10.4 John asked ClIr Randall whether we were going about things the right way andwhat sort of chance we had of obtaining funding. ClIr Randall said he thoughtthe organisation was being run quite well. He could not comment on ourchances of obtaining funding as this depended on what other applications are put forward on the day.