NSA meeting minutes February 2012

Nomansland Sports Association Meeting Wednesday 14th March 2012

Matter discussed/to be sorted:

1. Mole man paid? Peter Pring.

2. Line painter all paid/now stored in container at site. Believe to be ‘one of the best around’.

3. Confirm we will have at least have some sort of informal committee meeting every third Thursday of the month.

4. Meeting to be held with Derek/Suzanne/Corrinna to discuss the tennis club membership. Usual membership day meeting to take place? John Roberts

5. Monies left for project – £3,500? Peter Pring

6. Concern re the type of the tidying up of the grounds. Landscaping to be considered:
– Golden Acres? – lan Gray Landscapes – John Roberts to take forward.

7. Specific tidy up jobs le:

Surround to swing and chippings Repair gat post Fit the tyre Paths Finish digging of drainage Bonfire John Roberts to take forward with John Loveday.

8. No cleaning to be taken on board — each club responsibility for tidying up.

9. Serious planning to be given to dinner at Mirabelle —John Roberts to approach Claude. Also need to arrange an auction/obtain sportsman memorabilia. Say cost £49 per head.

A timetable has been prepared for action of various items— to be discussed at next committee meeting. As to various matters discussed:

1. Does Simon have any contact details etc —John Roberts to approach.

2. Harley Davidson involvement? Peter Pring

3. Programme — need to approach sponsors in good time — see Gidds timetable. Need one programme/one size.

4. We are to arrange a meeting with Tim of the ‘New Forest’. Simon has contact details. We need to smooth waters, although we have ongoing permissions.
Emphasise need for early printing of programme, even if some of the events/timetables does change. Penyards to be approached through Simon?
Need to meet with Nicky next month to discuss stalls etc.