NSA Meeting Minutes of EGM – 16th September 2009



Weds 16 SEP 2009
at Nomansland Reading Room


Andy Smith, Bill Dunn, Dave Hodson, Nigel Webster, Darren Grayer (Cricket), Mike Ward (Football), Caryl Rowland (Temlis), Peter Pring, Louise Forgan (Scouts), Colin Davidson, John Robelts, Gideon Aymes, Adele Deans, Gemma Wilks, Dudley Jales,  Tom Fry, Simon Ellis, Dan Ellis, Tony and Pam Leader, Eve Berryman, Nick Dyer


Mike Smales, Bridgette Smith, Jon Loveday, Jill and Chris Cotes


Event Action
1 Chainnan (Andy) presented brief intro to the NSA and answered general queries:
Charity organisation with purpose of administering Nomansland Recreation field (Rec).
Funding through various sources: Summer Fayre on Aug Bank Hol Monday (run in conjunction
with 4lh Romsey Scouts), Parish Council (mainly R2 funds, but also some others), local and
national grant awarding councils. Generally funding applications are through the NSA, even if
for a specific club as NSA has overall responsibility for the field.
Most recent expenditure was for new play equipment, cost at around 9000.
Three clubs have permanent facilities: tennis, football and cricket. Fairly loose an`angement
between clubs and NSA. There is no charge levied by the NSA for the use of the ground /
facilities by affiliated clubs (or the School).
Committee size not specified in constitution but should be minimum of Chairman, Secretary,
Treasurer and reps from Clubs. Preferable to have rep from School / FONS as well. In general
terms – the more the merrier! Committee meetings about I O times per year.
Generally two _clean up’ days a year when working party(s) meet at Rec to clear weeds, paint
equipment etc.
Equipment inspected once per month and formal report presented to NSA by Bill Dunn. Bill is
happy to continue with this important role (thanks!).
Football club (Mike) looks after the goal posts, marking out of football pitches and grass cuttiilg.
Insurance cover in place for Public Liability (both at the Rec and for Summer Fayre).
Replacement Changing rooms installed a couple of years ago largely thanks to Mike Ward.
Great improvement but still needs to be finished off.
2 Chairman explained that reason for calling the EGM was to elect a fresh committee~ The
following volunteered for the various posts and were duly appointed:
Chairman: John Roberts
Secretary: Simon Ellis
Treasurer: Peter Pring
Tennis: Caryl Rowland and Adele Deans
Cricket: Darren Grayer
Football: Mike Ward
School / FONS: Nigel Webster
3 The meeting was handed over to the new Chairman (John), who thanked the outgoing committee
for their contribution to maintaining such a good facility at the Rec.
He requested that the outgoing Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer meet up as soon as possible to
provide a handver brief. A provisional date was set for 7.30 pm Thurs 24 Sep at the Lamb.
 Dave W, Jon L
4 There was fulther general discussion:
Skateboard needs maintenance
Track way maintenance. Some doubt about ownership of track. Practically, if it needs repair,
probably best done by NSA.
There is no NSA website
Moles continue to be a problem. Dave Williams has contact details for the Mole catcher.
Louise is introducing Hockey as additional spolt.
5 Next meeting: No date as yet. Simon to email all those who attended todays meeting when date