NSA Meeting Wednesday 14th December 8pm Nomansland Clubhouse


Please come along to our meeting on Wednesday 14th December at 8pm at the Nomansland Clubhouse. The NSA is a charity which maintains and operates Nomansland Recreation Ground, which now includes the community clubhouse and changing rooms, and everyone can take part in making the decisions about how these facilities are run. Since our last meeting we have had a successful fireworks display and we have welcomed a number of new clubs and users to the facility and the building systems and procedures have had a chance to be tested. This is a good opportunity to have comments and suggestions from the users of the facilities and other local people on any other matter relating to the NSA. If you can’t make it to the meeting, please send anything you would like mentioned to our email at nomanslandsportsassociation@yahoo.co.uk.

Also, being so close to Christmas, it is also an opportunity for all of us to enjoy a bit of Christmas cheer, so if you like you can bring a bottle or some mince pies and we can all enjoy a bit of a drink and a chat as well as the meeting business.