NSA Summer Fayre Meeting – 6th March 2013

NSA meeting – Summer Fayre (Monday 26th August)

6th March 2013

Those present: Dave Williams, Darren Grayer, John Roberts, Steve Lyons, Sam Leader, Peter Pring, Jonno Smales, Mike Smales, Nikki, John Heagram, John & Jackie R, Cindy Pritchard

Apologies: Lee Evans, Gideon Aymes

Dave Williams – able to help beforehand but not on the day.

Steve Brett – could we use his truck?

John/Mike: help with tractor/trailer, sweetcorn, cheese stall, splottery – pre-sales for splottery tickets really important. Splottery tickets need to go out early to ensure people sell them.

Send email/flyers  – buy on-line? (Steve).

Splottery sales will come back to Malcolm.

John H – Scout skills.


Nikki – dog show. Didn’t do pedigree classes last year, need someone with qualifications. Need to do pedigree class – takings were down last year. Already got rosettes for this year. Nikki will approach Romsey Canine Society to see if they would like to take over the running of it – with their contacts it may attract more attention and be a larger event. Nikki would then assist in running it. Point made that we need one poster to promote summer fayre and dog show. Nikki has list of all Parish Councils who would be happy to put notices on the notice board.


John & Jackie – happy to help out on the day. Leaflet run in Eastleigh – pubs, clubs etc. Happy to do this again. Happy to be doing leafleting in Hamptworth. John offered to make/donate cider.


Could have cake judging contest and vegetables – WI? (Landford) Nikki will approach the WI to see if/how they would like to participate in the summer fayre.


Fair ground rides – need to charge a minimum


BBQ – run our own. Buy meat from Mike. School used our BBQ and the Golf Clubs. Gid has already sorted this. John will speak to Gid, liaise with Louise, then speak to Mike re not doing BBQ.

Food: Jacket potato man. Royal Jaipur. BBQ, Tea tent. Ice-cream van. Pop-corn. Beer tent.


Sponsorships – set a target of £4000 – John. Needs to be done sooner rather than later. Maximum £500, minimum £100. Programme to include sponsors. Printing for programmes to be done by start of July – leaflet drop when scouts do theirs. Sponsors could be linked to events.

Sponsors would get:

–      on leaflet

–      sponsor boards around the arena

–      on website

Bands: email from Lallie Wadham offering services. Ukulele band – local band. Waterside Ukulele. Rock choir – Peter’s wife/Gid’s wife.


Volunteers – the more the better.

Electrics – Gid.

John – to approach the New Forest re the fayre and car parking etc. John to formally write.

Pub – John to speak to Pauline.


Vanessa – organising stalls. Easiest to collect money on the day – £15 per pitch. Vanessa will need to inform stall holders of this – this will increase to £20 next year – stall holders can be informed this year. Consideration needs to be given to those stalls who are there to provide information or to raise money for charity. Those stalls which are there commercially could be charged more.

Sign/boards – for selling tickets – Jackie will pursue.

Meeting in about 2 months time.