Summer Fayre – 2011

Many thanks to everyone who came along and supported our fayre, all the contributors, stall holders, entertainers, tug of war competitors, egg throwers, cheese rollers, sack and 3 legged racers, footballers, dog racers and dog showers and everyone else who gave some of their time or spent their hard earned cash at the fayre! Special thanks of course to all the volunteers that organised, delivered, collected, sold, bought, loaned, ran, baked, brewed, made, created, put up, took down, cleared up and generally made the whole thing possible – Well done!

As usual, the weather held out for us and it was yet another record crowd. Read on for reports and photos from the fayre, and results of the splottery, prize draws and various events…….

BiscuitsThe fair

Splottery winnng squareMany Thanks also to Flower the Cow for providing us with a splottery winner. The Winning Splot was 20ft 9″ from the Lamb side of the pen and 10ft from the road side. The winning ticket was number 237.

The first Arena Event of Egg Throwing led to some impressive results, and a bit of a mess. In the adult class, the longest throw that was caught without cracking the egg was by Ben and Adam at 24.60m. In the under 11 class, Sam and Harry achieved a distance that was further than many of the adults could manage, at 18.25m. Well done!

Cheese Rolling in the Arena was harder than it looked. The jack was some 90ft from the starting line and was placed on the side of a lump in the green that made rolling difficult. The traditional wheels of cheese were yet another year older, and smellier, and the warm day had brought them out in a sweat making them all the more difficult to handle. The brave contestants each took their turns to try to roll their 3 cheeses as close to the jack as possible. In the Adult Class, Pete Trower won the competition at 2.55m from the jack. In the under 11 class, Charlotte was able to claim the prize with a cheese some 16.55m from the jack. The winner’s recieved a prize of some rather more edible cheese kindly donated by Lyburn Cheese. The rest of the competitors were left smelling of it…..

Cheese rollingCheese rolling

Everyone was very impressed by the display of pulling in the Tug o War competition. Early entrants “Sam’s Team” were put to the test by a well organised “Little People” team (all under 11 years old). The match was decided on the third pull, and went to “Sam’s Team”, after it was discovered that somebody in the “Little People” team was in fact called Sam, and therefore had to swap sides. “Angry Phil’s Wasp Stamping Troop” entered the contest impressively and made short work of dispatching the hastily assembled “Loveday Lovers“. Impressed by this display, the “Nomansland Ladies Team” entered the contest and faced “Monday Madness“. After a brave effort, weight of numbers  gave “Nomansland Ladies Team” the advantage and the ladies prevailed. The ladies then went forward to the semi final round and, after a hard pull, took out “Sam’s Team”. “Angry Phil’s Wasp Stamping Troop” were then tested in this round by “Seb’s Team“, which seemed to be quite similar to “Sam’s Team”, except with a few extra hands thrown in. It all seemed to be going Seb’s way until the Judge noticed that “Seb’s Team” supporters were doing a bit more than supporting, and after the interlopers were removed, the match went to “Angry Phil’s Wasp Stamping Troop”. The stage was set for a final between “Nomansland Ladies Team” and “Angry Phil’s Wasp Stamping Troop” and there seemed to be more at stake than just the title of Nomansland Village Fayre Tug o War Champions….. this was a final reckoning between the men and women of the village. The “Nomansland Ladies Team” made an early entry onto the Arena and bagsied the down hill pull first. With twice as many Ladies on the rope as Men, and a down hill advantage, the result of the first pull was inevetable. Bouyed by this early win, the Ladies entered the second pull with confidence, however, “Angry Phil’s Wasp Stamping Troop” now had a down hill advantage and with a truly impressive technique of holding and heave ho, took the second pull against the odds. The gloves were off for the final pull, and the team limit of only 8 pullers per team was but a distant memory, as ladies joined the “Nomansland Ladies Team” until there was not another inch of the 60ft of rope to hold on to. Not wanting to see their wives make fools of the men, “Angry Phil’s Wasp stamping Troop” was quickly enhanced by a few husbands, and the final pull was on. Every inch of the pull was fought passionately, until finally “Angry Phil’s Wasp Stamping Troop” took the title. Many thanks to everyone who took part, and I hope you aren’t too sore…..

Monday Madness

Ladies Team

Womens Tug O war teamLadies Tug O War








dogs The Dog Racing Tote was an entertaining spectacle. Predicting a winner proved impossible as the poorly matched runners arrived on the field for each of the 3 races. At first glance, the pink ribboned Chihuahua seemed to have little chance against the blue ribboned Greyhound. But punters holding pink tickets did not dispair, there was always a very good chance the dog will notice something in the crowd far more interesting than the finishing line and run off in the wrong direction! Next year we will run a side bet on which owner runs the fastest to retrieve their dog!


dogshow polebungee clown band Picnic Rolls Royce tractor Rolls Royce jewellry

owl Bungee