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Summer Fayre Meeting Minutes – June 2013

Nomansland Sports Association meeting Summer Fayre – 5th June 2013   Those present: Gid Aymes, Steve Lyons, Lee Eccles, Malcolm Evans, Cindy Pritchard, John Roberts, Louise Discussed mower for cricket club. Agreed

NSA Summer Fayre Meeting – 1st May 2013

NSA – Summer Fayre meeting 1st May 2013   Those present: John Roberts, Gid Aymes, Darren Grayer, Malcolm Evans, Bill, Nikki, Louise, Steve Lyons, Cindy Pritchard, Sam Leader, Nigel Webster, Rob  

NSA Summer Fayre Meeting – 6th March 2013

NSA meeting – Summer Fayre (Monday 26th August) 6th March 2013 Those present: Dave Williams, Darren Grayer, John Roberts, Steve Lyons, Sam Leader, Peter Pring, Jonno Smales, Mike Smales, Nikki, John Heagram,

February 2013 Committee Meeting minutes

Committee Meeting 20th February 2013   Those present: John Roberts, Gid Aymes, Lee Eccles, Peter Pring, Sam Leader, Cindy Pritchard, Steve Lyons   Web site: Steve making progress on this. Will send a

Minutes from December 2012 Meeting

Here are the minutes form the last committee meeting Committee Meeting 12th December 2012 Those present: John Roberts, Gideon Aymes, Peter Pring, Sam Leader, Tony Leader, Malcolm Evans, Lee Eccles, Darren Grayer,

AGM Minutes – 24th October 2012

AGM Wednesday 24th October 2012 8pm at Royal Jaipur Restaurant Southampton Road, Landford. Attendees John Roberts – Chairman Jono Smales Peter Pring – Treasurer Ben Aymes Gideon Aymes – Secretary Sam Leader

AGM – Chairmans Report for 2012

Chairmans Report Wednesday 24th October 2012 Welcome: Thank you all for coming to this AGM – an important one for the ongoing success of the Nomansland Sports Association. The association continues to

Fayre and NSA Meeting Minutes 28th June 2012

Fayre and NSA Meeting Minutes 28th June 2012 Attendees: John Roberts Simon Ellis Peter Pring Gideon Aymes Nicola Moxey Louise Forgan Bill Dunn Darren Grayer Ben Aymes Nomansland Village Fayre Monday 27th