Treasurer and major sponsor resigns

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After 7 years of support and leadership, John Roberts has decided to step down as a trustee and withdraw his sponsorship of the NSA.

John stepped forward as chairman of the NSA when he heard that the recreation ground was under threat of closing while his children were still at Nomansland Primary School. He spent some years coaching the Saturday morning kids football training, which has produced some very accomplished players, and has contributed significantly to the charities fund raising every year. Much has been achieved by the NSA with John’s support and leadership, a new clubhouse and skatepark, improved play equipment, free tennis court usage and a strong football club, a bigger and better Nomansland Village Fayre on the green and a new fundraising firework display event.

John will remain a trustee until our AGM in March 2018 at the very latest. Gideon Aymes has also stated his intention to step down as chairman at the 2018 AGM. The requirements of our charity constitution are that we must have 3 trustees so 2 volunteers are desperately needed to step forward and join our Secretary, Cindy, as Treasurer and Chairman of the NSA within the next 12 weeks. If you are interested in taking up this role, or would like to know more, please email or call Gid on 07775826818.

If volunteers do not step forward, the NSA as a charity will be wound up at the next AGM and the recreation ground lease, cash reserves and responsibility for operating the recreation ground will be transferred back to Landford Parish Council in March 2018. Landford Parish Council have been successfully operating the Landford Recreation Ground for many years. However, their ability to raise funds, run the village fayre and fireworks display, take bookings, manage the website and communicate with the local community as effectively as the NSA has not been evident in the past.

After receiving the sad news that Landford Parish Council will be contributing £1,460 next year to the NSA, less than he personally donates, John responded as follows:

“Very very disappointing – my interest in the NSA grounds is fast waning, both in terms of money I put into the NSA, and even more precious – time. Especially bearing in mind lack of Parish Council support for such a superb facility.

I completely fail to understand the lack of support from the PC – far less than that which Is given to the Landford facility. We are only asking for parity / or similar support as we received from Redlynch. How disappointing the transfer of Nomansland village to the new Parish Council has become when we look at the effect on the NSA. The postcript needs to highlight that the predicament in which we find ourselves must lie at the doors of our new owners.

Forthwith I am withdrawing any further financial support to the NSA – during the past year I have contributed MORE than the PC budget now agreed. I admit this was to a large part ‘sponsorship’ for the Fayre but this was in effect a donation – I have never received any tangible benefit.

Oh well, let history show we tried and failed. I will raise the issue with those such as our MP who so ably supported the new clubhouse. Very very sad. And of course will also speak to the local school in School Road who have been very grateful for the improvements made.

A big thanks to those who have helped over the years of success, but all good things I suppose do come to an end. I am formally stating my intention to resign from my post on the NSA. I do not want to preside over an enterprise which the locals appear to not want, despite all the evidence we have to the contrary. Democracy must prevail and the Parish Councillors have decided their appropriate priorities for the parishoners. That said thank you to those Councillors who tried to support us

At the end of the day I refuse to give to a facility in place of monies which should come from the PC. I will not give money to merely pay the bills – I want to see better facilities for our children / the local school etc. There are far more deserving charities which have no PC funding upon which they could rely. “