Your Support is Needed for the Nomansland Recreation Ground


Landford Parish Council will shortly be preparing their budget for next year. If you are a supporter and / or user of the facilities at Nomansland Recreation Ground we need to ask you for your help. Even if you never go to Nomansland Recreation Ground you may realise the benefit that the NSA is giving your community and you too can help us.


Nomansland Sports Association (NSA) consists entirely of local volunteers and is a charity that looks after the Nomansland Recreation Ground. As I am sure you are aware we have been very successful in various fund raising efforts such as the Nomansland Village Fayre, Firework Display, and securing the funding from various organisations to build the new clubhouse. However, we are only just managing to keep the facilities open.

All funds raised through volunteer efforts are spent on maintaining the facility, but we have nothing left for improvements or new equipment.

We are therefore very keen for your Parish Council to help us, in the same way as they currently fund the Landford Recreation Ground.

The 2017/2018 average household in Nomansland/Landford/Hamptworth will pay in total for the year £24.80 to the Parish Council. Called the precept, this is collected through Council Tax. Of this about £5.50 will be spent maintaining Landford Recreation Ground (refer LPC latest financial statement). The previous year i.e. 2016/2017, the precept was in fact higher at £36.93 for the year and the Parish Council made a significant reduction this year.

Please join us in our petition below to the Parish Council:

I am a resident and council tax payer in the parish of Landford, Nomansland and Hamptworth. I support the proposal for Landford Parish Council to make an increase to the precept so that Nomansland Sports Association can receive the same funding from the Parish Council as is currently being spent at Landford Recreation Ground. 


None of your Councillors have yet said they would support such a proposal as they are not sure that there is any support in the local area for the NSA. This petition is purely to advise your councillors so that they can gauge the wishes of their parishioners. It is in no way binding upon them.

To support this petition, simply click on any of the buttons CLICK HERE TO SIGN , or reply to this email saying “Agreed” or copy and paste into a new email and send it to Or you can print, sign and post it to NSA, 7, Newton Close, Whiteparish, SP5 2SP.

By supporting this petition you will be making sure the facilities at Nomansland Recreation Ground continue to be well maintained and we are able to support all these activities:

  • Facilities for PE and off site lessons every week for all of the New Forest Primary School KS2 children.
  • Saturday morning 5 to 12 year old informal football training
  • Landford Guides meeting every Thursday evening
  • Circuit Training Classes every Monday evening
  • Yoga Classes every Tuesday evening
  • Popular Free Use of the Tennis Courts
  • Tennis Coaching every Thursday
  • Toilets free to use and open to the public
  • U16 Girls Football
  • Senior Football every Saturday and Sunday
  • Fabulous Clubhouse for community events and private party hire
  • The Annual Firework display
  • The PTA Hog Roast event

Please do circulate this to your friends and neighbours and repost on facebook. We need as many responses as possible. Many thanks for your time and support,

Gideon Aymes


Nomansland Sports Association